Changes are Coming.


This time of year the weather changes. Summer giving way to Fall. Then Fall giving way to Winter, The time even changes we “fall back” an hour.

What about YOU? Are you ready for a change? The Summer beach and BBQ stuff is packed away, the sweaters and light jackets are brought out.

What are YOU doing for yourself? You and your home are in a transition right now. The time after Summer, after the start of school and before the holidays. A lulling peaceful feel good time. Not too hot not too cold. A time for YOU. Do something feel good for yourself. A new hairstyle, a new color or just a wash and blowout.

Treat yourself to a little kindness YOU deserve it. Call Hair Energy Salon for an appointment with just YOU in mind.

We treat everyone with a sense of uniqueness, remember YOU are very special to us and we show it.

Hair Energy Salon:
32950 US HWY 19,
Palm Harbor, Florida, 34684
Phone: (727)-785-9333



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